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Our Journey

A look into the world of Lip Snob


Hello Gorgeous World!

LipSnob, LipSnob, LipSnob! I want some some LipSnob! This amazing lip brand stems from the idea of a woman's lips being the everyday highlight to their face. Let's face it, when a woman wears lipstick or lip gloss, it makes them feel sexy and powerful! (Well, thats how I feel...) The true definition of Lip Snob is prevailed through lipstick and lip gloss being the top coat to the face. LipSnob is a brand that is fun and flirty! It has many natural ingredients and fun colors creating a peaceful mind behind the beauty. Create a lip that expresses your personality or mood. Glam those lips up or tone them down. With a wide variety of long lasting vibrant pigmentations, you are sure to achieve any look desired. Allow the brand to be a snob for you and you just stay fabulous darling! Lip Snob, is purely the perfect lip line to enhance your beauty.


Jordyn Olawumi
Founder of LipSnob

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